Who let the Bulldogs out???

Who let the Bulldogs out???

Giugno 12, 2018 0 Di Isabella

Nel 2016 i Bulldogs avevano una delle squadre più giovani con ben 6 freshmen nel rooster. Il viaggio in Italia è servito ai Bulldogs per trovare la giusta alchimia di gruppo…e a vedere dai risultati…l’avevano decisamente trovata. Ecco gli highlights del loro tour italiano. Per la storia completa visitate il blog ufficiale  www.forwhomthecowbelltolls.com

Ben Howland is trying to take the Mississippi State men’s basketball team to Italy for a nice, fun trip where they’ll take on a bunch of European teams and improve their teamwork. It’s good for such a young team to do this sort of thing. It’ll give them some experience to work together as a unit and learn how to play with one another.

There’s only one problem though. Airlines suck.

First they landed in Atlanta, where they ran into a weather delay.

And then their plane apparently broke.
And then they got a new plane.
And then the new plane broke
And as of 30 minutes ago, they are finally back on track and headed to Italy
But hey, they got to meet Chris Tucker and that’s a win in everybody’s book, right?

Now, after getting some practice in, the Bulldogs are set to take on the entire country of Lithuania. Well, maybe not the entire country. We’re not causing an international incident or anything.
The Italy trip is probably one of the best things that could happen to prepare this year’s team. With an astonishingly high 9 freshman listed on the roster, this team needs to get live game experience fast. What better way to do so than to actually play games, and to play them on a cool vacation in Italy?

August 8

Quinndary Weatherspoon did it again. The talented sophomore showed out against another Lithuanian professional basketball team and dominated them as well. Weatherspoon lit up the scoreboard and hung 34 on the Lithuanians as Mississippi State would cruise on to a 93-85 victory in Italy.

Weatherspoon wasn’t the only Bulldog to provide some excitement in this game. The young team had plenty of impressive contributions from guys all over the court.

August 10
Another game in Italy, another big victory for Ben Howland’s young team. Mississippi State took on the and cruised to a 96-66 blowout victory against the Adriatic Sea Tritons.

But this wasn’t a game where Quinndary Weatherspoon dominated so much. In fact, Weatherspoon’s performance was a bit of a relatively quiet one for him. After scoring 29 and 34 against teams from Lithuania, Weatherspoon only put up 12 points today. Of course, there’s no need for him to overexert himself while he’s over there. We’ve seen what he’s capable of and there’s no reason for him to push himself too hard in international competition.

So instead, it was several of the younger players that helped carry the team to the blowout victory today. Tyson Carter paced the team with 26 points while Eli Wright scored 17. Behind them were Weatherspoon’s 12 points, Lamar Peters’ 11 points, and Aric Holman’s 11 points.